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Protect the environment with recycled accessories and products

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We traveled to beautiful Mykonos and as we walked the alleys, we saw a small cozy shop that piqued our interest with recycled and environmentally friendly products.

We talked to the owner of the store asking him how he took this step to open a store with recycled products and he replied: “Since childhood I have always liked to protect the environment and use products for its benefit. For me it is a way of life! “If we all take this step, we are protecting our future, our generation, our children.”

If you are on this beautiful island, you have nothing to lose but a visit. The cozy shop is called “Humano Mykonos” and we can find: Accessories such as Back pack, beach bag, tote bag, hand bag, shopping bag, keychain, cases, laptop cases, from materials such as surf cloths, street banners for theatrical performances and cloths from tents the so-called upcycling.

Protect the environment with recycled accessories and products

We can also find products such as bamboo thermos, bamboo straws, straw, grass, bamboo toothbrushes and cotton swabs, natural sponges and pumice, cork notebooks, straw and recycled paper, cannabis hats and bags, cannabis bags, , cork umbrellas, toys made of recycled wood and paper such as trill, dominoes, whirlpools, pots, decks all environmentally friendly!

And do not forget! We protect our future!

Humano Mykonos
Petrou Drakopoulou 8, Mykonos Town.

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Source: Daisy Team